Monday, October 15, 2012

About Me

I Ketut Kertayasa is my complete name. In 2010, I graduated on Bachelor degree of Mathematics Education Study Program at Tadulako University. Unknown village so far from crowded is the first time I was breathing. Exactly,on Tohitisari, 8th January 1987.
My father’s name is I Made Jaya and my mother’s name is Ni Ketut Rusni. Farmer is his occupation. Sometimes my mother helps him to accelerate finishing his work in farm. I’m very proud with them. They are aspirator for me and my brother-sister, place for got love and place for got protection. They always teach me about the value of life: living together in peacefulness, hard work to achieve goals, to be patient in solve problems and so on. Thank so much father and mother. You are super hero for me.
Thank a lot of for God, now gives me a chance to got scholarship in master degree. Its name is International Master Program on Mathematics Education (IMPoME).


  1. Maksi Tut.. sementara pengembangan.. mohon saran

  2. mantaabss...... beibh......
    jempol tangan n kaki bwt ayank.....hehehhehehehehe.............

    1. Maksi buat motivasinya.. sllu berusaha untuk jadi yang terbaik..
      Ingat Kalimat "Berkarya, Berbagi dan Bermamfaat"